So Connected

A safe space and a community for young people to shape their minds and develop the mental capacity required to reach their highest potential.

The Mission

To foster a culture of constant learning, reflection, and self improvement.

In order to become the best version of yourself and realize your highest potential, you must mentally develop yourself and keep your mind in tip-top shape.

Your mind needs to be fed and trained the same way your body needs to be fed and trained in order to be in the best shape. This is what So Connected is here for!

The Foundation

At the core of SoConn lies two key elements: reading and personal development.

Books are reservoirs of knowledge that contain roadmaps for navigating life. Personal development is an intentional act of refining key aspects of your life in order to maximize your potential.

Books provide the nutrition that your mind needs for self improvement; a healthy reading lifestyle is equal to a healthy mind.

So Connected aims to spotlight the right books and provide the resources to help you train your mind towards becoming your best self.

The Method

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